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Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie: New extended Chief Editorial team

Twenty-one years ago, in 1993, I was a greatly honoured to be asked to take over the chief editorship of the renowned international journal „Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie (ZfG)“ from Hanna Bremer.

Since that time, I have edited twenty-two volumes (of four issues each and approximately 544 pages per volume), always in close collaboration with an internationally distinguished team of associate editors without the support and help of which such an undertaking would have been futile. In that same period, with the active support of countless guest editors, we published a total of 78 thematic supplement volumes of Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie on a wide range of current problems of physical geography.

Now at the age of 75, I feel that it is the right time to hand over the editorship to a less senior, extended board of chief editors, which will assume editorial responsibility for all manuscripts submitted after December 31, 2014.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and personal thanks to all members of the editorial team of ZfG, friends and colleagues for their professional, pleasant and effective collaboration in all these years. Furthermore I wish to express my thanks to the editorial and production staff at Borntraeger Science Publishers who have handled all my whims and wishes efficiently and reliably, without further ado.

At the same time, I do wish the new editorial team a lucky hand and much of the same success I have enjoyed during my service as the editor of ZfG.

Tübingen, December 17, 2014
Karl-Heinz Pfeffer

Borntraeger Science Publishers would like to use this opportunity to express their deepest gratitude to Prof. Pfeffer for his long service as chief editor of ZfG. Over the years, it was always pleasurable to work with him, a very friendly and competent scientist and emphatic human being at the same time. We are confident that the new editors will be successful in leading the journal in the future just as Prof. Pfeffer did in the more than 20 years past.

The new extended Chief Editorial team will consist of:
Prof. Dr. Michael Becht, Eichstätt, Germany
Prof. Dr. Monique Fort, Paris, France
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Haeberli, Zürich, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Henry Lin, Pennsylvania, United States
Prof. Dr. Roland Mäusbacher, Jena, Germany
Prof. Dr. Johannes Ries, Trier, Germany
Prof. Dr. Britta Schütt, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Jörg Völkel, Freising, Germany

Beginnning with 2015 ZFG will start accepting manuscripts online, and manage the entire review process from first submission until Editors decision electronically.
If you submit a manuscript online for the first time,  you must register as an author  at
Instructions and further details are available at ZfG journal website
Thank you for actively supporting Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie.

Stuttgart, December 2014
Borntraeger Science Publishers

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