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Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde: Call for contributions & Save the date: Exploring affects and emotions in current spatially related research

IfL research workshop #9: Exploring affects and emotions in current spatially related research: established methods and new approaches
March 21st-22nd, 2024, Leipzig

Geographies of affect and emotion have developed into a constant feature of geographical research. While the role of affectsand emotions in human geography phenomena is undoubted, questions of the very ‚how‘ of researching emotions nevertheless do persist. With quickly altering conditions and discourses, spheres and tools, the role and entanglements of
affects and emotions in our lives has ever been changing, causing a permanent re‐evaluation of their conceptualization as well as methods of exploration. Simultaneously, geographical methodological thinking and respective research practice is expanding in creative ways, increasingly integrating visuality, sensory notions and bodily aspects.

The next IfL research workshop will therefore provide a forum for exchange on current state‐of‐the‐art techniques and new trends in empirically researching affects and emotions in spatially related topics. With the research workshop, we want to offer an opportunity to not only present and discuss current approaches in this field, but also to explore promising methodical ways and techniques together.

Interested scholars, researchers and (PhD) students are warmly invited to take part. We are particularly looking for contributions of two kinds:

Lightning papers
If you are planning on working or have worked with a particular way of researching emotions and want to present and discuss your approach with a round of other researchers on emotions, you might be the right one for our lightning session. We look for short inputs, presenting the main aspects of your methods of studying emotions within a few minutes.

If you have some more extended experience with an approach of studying affects or emotions in spatially related research contexts, innovative or conventional, text‐based, visual or performative ‐ we would like to invite you to present, discuss and test your experiences, knowledge and approach with the participants in the form of a workshop. There are no limits to the creative design of the workshops; the focus should be on the experimental character. 2‐3 hours including a coffee break are planned for the ExperiSpaces; a small renumeration for the efforts can be offered.

Please send your ideas or suggestions to forschungswerkstatt@leibniz‐ until 10 January 2024

The programme will be distributed in the new year. For general expenses during the workshop, a participation fee below € 50 will arise.
If you have any questions, please ask us, Kristine (k_beurskens@leibniz‐ and Tim (t_leibert@leibniz‐


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