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University of Greifswald: Call for Papers – Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO)

Fragmented Transformations in the Baltic Sea Region: The Role of Innovations and Pioneers of Change

9-10 October 2024

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO) at the University of Greifswald combines research expertise on the Baltic Sea region and offers an innovative research agenda. In the project “Fragmented Transformations. Perceptions, Constructions, Constitutions of a Region in Transition”, interdisciplinary research groups identify and study transformation processes in the Baltic Sea Region from various perspectives. Hereby, expertise in cultural, linguistic, historical, political, economic, geographical, legal and theological research is combined.

In our annual conference 2024 we address diverse aspects of fragmented transformation processes in the Baltic Sea Region with a special focus on the role of innovations and pioneers of change. Innovations refer to the implementation of new ideas or technologies that imply transformation and change, which may aim to improve the societal welfare and wellbeing. Many initiatives undertaken by individuals have proven to be innovative in dealing with socio-economic and environmental problems, while contributing to regional development in the Baltic Sea Region. Pioneers of change develop new ideas in niches to solve societal challenges which have the potential for new configurations in economy, society and culture. However, the dynamics and geographies of innovations are quite uneven in the Baltic Sea Region. Policy initiatives are able to foster transformations by allowing room for creativity and by financially or otherwise supporting new ideas. We invite papers, panels and roundtable applications for innovations and pioneers of change in diverse thematic contexts, for example

  • Healthcare provision
  • Digital transformation
  • Financing systems
  • Rural entrepreneurship
  • Cultural heritage
  • Energy transitions
  • Security policy
  • Sustainable development

Please submit your panel and paper applications (title, abstract (300 characters), short CV) via email to Deadline: 15 January 2024.

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