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2nd Annual Conference of the Working Group on Agri-food Geographies

Who MAKES Our Food?

Power and Powerlessness of Actors in the Agri-food System
March 23-25, 2023, Hohenheim University, Germany (hybrid)

The detailed programme can be found in the PDF attached below

In the current debate on transformations towards sustainable and just food systems, focus is often put on the diverse local approaches and movements (e.g. Alternative Food Network) which build dynamic alternative structures for the production, trade, purchase and consumption of food that are in contrast with the conventional food system. These diverse initiatives appeal to many, but often remain in spatial and socioeconomic niches. Much less attention is paid to the ‚big picture‘ – the set-up, operation and structural challenges of the conventional agri-food system. Our knowledge about, for example, the ‚big players‘ of the current agrifood system (such as agroinvestors, agribusinesses, transnational agribusiness corporations, the food industry, retail chains, certification agencies, lobby groups) is surprisingly limited. Likewise, research on the historical or postcolonial, socio-economic and political causes of power imbalances in the global agri-food system and on perspectives of empowerment is relatively rare.

At this conference, we would therefore like to focus on the economic, institutional, and civil society actors in global and regional agri-food systems as well as on their diverse power relations. We would like to work towards unveiling the causes of inequalities in terms of power, resources, as well as division of labour and roles along the value chain – from seed production, on-farm production, marketing to food waste.

The conference is being organized by the recently founded working group “Agri-Food Geographies” in cooperation with the chair for “Societal Transition & Agriculture” at the University of Hohenheim. Moreover, we are grateful to Foundation Fiat Panis that is sponsoring the travel expenses of two participants from the Global South.

Registration: https://ak-agrifoodgeos.org/jahrestreffen/general-information-registration-2nd-annual-conference/

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