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APPEAL of the Ukrainian Geographical Society to the International Geographical Union, national committees, geographers around the World


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of the Ukrainian Geographical Society to the International Geographical Union, national committees, geographers around the World

The military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine a sovereign state and one of the founders of the UN, every moment leads to huge tragic consequences, the death of civilians, children, the destruction of homes, infrastructure and everything that was created by hard work of our Nation, monuments of cultural and natural heritage of the world and national significance.

The Ukrainian Geographical Society expresses its sincere gratitude to the International Geographical Union, the whole international community, states, their presidents and governments, as well as all concerned in all countries of the World for providing Ukraine with powerful, effective aid and support in this fight conducted by our People not only for our independence and for the right to life, but also for the protection of peace, normal life for the people on the Earth, the establishment of civilized relations between states, the ability to resolve all problems and contradictions exclusively in accordance with the UN Charter and the principles of international law that have been born in suffering and formulated by mankind to protect it from new wars and other conflicts.

We must remind everyone that this is Russia’s aggression against Ukraine a country which had the thirdlargest nuclear capability in the World and which voluntarily, in the interests of world security, handed it over to the Russian Federation in accordance with the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, signed by nuclear states presidents. In this case Russian Federation assured not only Ukraine but the whole world that it would respect the sovereignty, independence, and existing at that time borders of our state. The Russian Federation has guaranteed that it will never violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine, will not threaten the use of economic, political, or other pressure against it, any weapon, and in case of aggression of other states against Ukraine will help us.

Nevertheless, the Russian Federation has violated Ukraine’s territorial integrity by annexing Crimea in 2014, in February 22nd 2022 admitted the independence of the socalled by itself Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, and February 24th 2022 is committing an act of largescale military aggression against Ukraine.

It should be taken into account that the aggression against Ukraine was committed by a state whose geographical community, united in the Russian Geographical Society, is headed as its President by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation S.N. Shoigu, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of this Society is the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, who personally took the decision on war with Ukraine.

We do not know any other case in modern history when the war was started by the leaders of one of the national geographical associations.

The criminal decisions made by these individuals and even more criminal actions to implement such decisions set an extremely dangerous precedent and significant new risks for the further activities of the International Geographical Union and national geographical societies as truly independent associations of scientists, educators, creative community.

In our opinion, this situation must be urgently assessed properly and strictly, in order to prevent recurrence and at least discrediting both the International Geographical Union and the world geographical community as a whole.

For this purpose, the Ukrainian Geographical Society, which represents the entire Ukrainian geographical community in the International Geographical Union, appeals to the Executive Committee of the Union to immediately ensure the termination of the Russian Federation’s membership in the International Geographical Union.

We appeal to all national committees and all geographers of the world with urgent request to actively support such a decision.

With deep respect,

Acting President of the Ukrainian Geographical Society  V.I.Oleshchenko

02 March 2022
yiv, Ukraine


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