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Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft: Declaration of the Austrian Geographical Society regarding the war in Ukraine

(Austrian Geographical Society)
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Vienna, February 27, 2022

Declaration of the Austrian Geographical Society regarding the war in Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

Due to the dramatic events in the Ukraine, the Austrian Geographical Society feels compelled to the following statement:

The Austrian Geographical Society [Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft, ÖGG] condemns the military aggression of the Russian Federation against the Ukraine and the distorted representation of historical and cultural facts to legitimise its action. We would like to express our solidarity and sympathy with all people in Ukraine and Russia who are suffering from this war and who are against this war. We would also like to emphasise that our statement is not directed against the Russian nation as such and our most appreciated Russian colleagues.

Hon. and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Jordan m.p., Head of the Department of International Relations of the Austrian Geographical Society

Univ.Prof. (ret.) Dr. Helmut Wohlschlägl m.p., President of the Austrian Geographical Society


We add to our statement the declaration of the International Geographical Union (IGU) published today:

Declaration issued by the International Geographical Union (IGU) in regard to the Ukraine crisis

The International Geographical Union notes with dismay the alarming situation in Ukraine and finds the invasion of a sovereign democratic nation by Russian forces outrageous and unacceptable. These actions are undermining global security and stability and have led to deplorable human suffering and loss of life. In the interests of peace and stability in international relations, we call for an end to the hostilities and for a resolution that respects the sovereignty of Ukraine and all its people. The International Geographical Union stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and its community of geographers, along with those in Russia who are courageously manifesting their rejection of war. We wish the citizens of Ukraine great strength in re- sisting and overcoming this shocking crisis.

We note that scientists and scientific journalists in Russia have issued the following open letter on the situation:

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