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CfP: Regional Studies Association in Lugano


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SS35. Local autonomy, development and spatial justice
Session organiser(s)
Cyril Blondel and Estelle Evrard, University of Luxembourg


Within the last decades, several reforms (from decentralization to place-base approach) have been implemented in Europe to provide local authorities with increased autonomy (Le Galès, 2003). This return to the local is presented as a potential solution to the actual political legitimacy crisis (development by the local). It is also supposed to produce more accurate and adapted forms of development (development for the local). However, this progressive transfer of political responsibility has rarely been accompanied by an equivalent transfer of financial means (Epstein, 2008). Besides, several works have questioned the capacity of the local to enhance social and spatial justice (between and within territories, between and within social groups) (Gagnon and Jouve, 2007). Two sets of questions are addressed therefore in this session:

  • What are the forms of local autonomy and how do they relate to local development? How do local communities and/or local authorities organize themselves to produce local development on formal and informal ways?
  • What does this spatially produce? Or to put it differently, to what extent do locally-driven initiatives contribute to produce more spatially just development?
    This session welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions.
    It is organized in the framework of the project RELOCAL ‘Resituating the local in cohesion
    and territorial development’ (EU H2020).

Submission deadline: 23.2.2018
contact: Cyril Blondel et Estelle Evrard – /